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Tasha Thomas standing in front of the mural painted by her father, Oscar Thomas.

What Will Happen to Domino Park’s Mural & Trees?

Locals are concerned about the fate of the historic mural in Domino Park (Maximo Gomez Park), commemorating the 1994 Summit of the Americas, and its shade trees. We’ve heard of plans to paint over the […]

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Poetic place in Little Havana

Es Grande Mi Pequeña Habana (Poem)

Laura Chaviano contacted me in 2012, when I had published an earlier iteration of While she has never lived in Little Havana, she said she has always been proud of what the neighborhood represents and […]

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JC at Riverside Park

Leaving the Latin Kings and Making a New Life: JC’s Story

When I saw Little Havana resident JC working at a Little Havana park the other day, I was thrilled. The devoted family man seemed right at home in his job assisting kids and families at […]

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Merry-Go-Round horses in a Little Havana front yard

Endangered: Little Havana Bungalows … and What Else?


Little Havana street tree poetry.

Love in Unexpected Places

After giving one of my tours last week, I was walking along Calle Ocho when I noticed that the scraggly, nearly dead tree in front of the McDonald’s was adorned with pieces of paper which […]

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