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Little Havana Tours, LLC is owned by cultural anthropologist Corinna Moebius, co-author of the book, “A History of Little Havana. Moebius has lived in Little Havana for more than a decade and is a well-known local Little Havana personality and civic leader.

Moebius picks talented tour guides based on their extensive knowledge of Little Havana, Miami, Cuba and Latin America (history, culture, politics); existing relationships with interesting local residents and mom-and-pop businesses; and skills and personality as tour guides. She does not promote a single “dominant” narrative of Little Havana. Instead, guides share compelling stories that expand and deepen our understanding of this neighborhood: stories based on original research.

Ralph de la Portilla is currently the guide for Little Havana Tours (Moebius is currently on sabbatical from leading tours). De la Portilla is widely considered a top tour guide of Little Havana (and Miami); he is also — like Moebius — a tour leader for the Cuba tours of Classic Journeys, which is consistently rated one of the top 10 tour operators in the world.


Corinna Moebius co-authored “A History of Little Havana”

We give you an unforgettable Little Havana experience.

Read our bios, read our testimonials or go ahead and book a tour now! If you still want more reasons to choose us as your guides, keep reading.

These are no ordinary Little Havana tours.

“Your tour was the highlight of our time in Miami. You showed us Little Havana with an emphasis on the history of the place and the people. Our group loved every minute.”

– Lila (Florida)

“This tour was by far one of the best tours I have ever been on.”

— Tina Bucuvalas, former State Folklorist and Director of the Florida Folklife Program


“I told this to Ralph when our tour concluded, but he really may be the best tour guide I’ve ever had. His enthusiasm for Little Havana, his knowledge and his storytelling were all fantastic.”

— Levente S (Austin, TX)

“Corinna had boundless energy and was incredibly knowledgeable about every topic. Walking through Little Havana, Corinna would exchange greetings with passersby and it was clear that she is a beloved member of this community.”

– Meredith Mashner, International Program Manager, Arcadia University

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10 Reasons to Choose Little Havana Tours, LLC:

Corinna describing the history of Domino Park to guests on a tour.

1. You want guides who know what they’re talking about.

We are Little Havana experts, committed to sharing facts and compelling stories about Little Havana history, cultural traditions, politics and so forth. Little Havana is not a stuck-in-the-past museum exhibit, as it is often represented. Learn how cultural practices in the neighborhood have shifted over time. Discover the significant role the neighborhood has played in Miami, U.S., Cuban and Latin American history and relations. Moebius has been interviewed by The New York Times, National Public Radio’s All Things Considered and PBS based on her knowledge about Little Havana.

2. You don’t settle for scripts.

The vast majority of Little Havana tours are conducted by guides relying on scripts. These guides are unable to answer many questions guests may ask during the tour. Quite simply, we know our stuff. We don’t need to rely on a script. If we don’t know the answer to your question, we’ll let you know: we won’t make something up.

 3. You want to to know the qualifications of your guide.

When you book a tour with us, you know WHO is going to lead your tour.

4. You prefer a smaller tour group.

Do you really want to be part of a huge tour group? Our maximum tour size is 12 people, to ensure the best experience for our guests. If you book a private tour, we can offer a customized tour for smaller or larger groups.

Excerpt from an article in The New York Times about Little Havana, mentioning Corinna Moebius.

5. You want experienced, professional guides.

Both Ralph and Corinna have more than a decade of tour guiding experience and have worked for the top-rated tour guiding companies in the world. We treat our guests with the utmost respect and professionalism. Our goal is to give our guests wonderful, memorable and unique experiences in Little Havana.

Until January 2017, Ralph was the top guide for Miami Culinary Tours, which currently has the largest number of positive TripAdvisor reviews for its Little Havana tours. Read our testimonials!

Participants on one of Corinna’s Little Havana walking tours.

6. You’re not interested in “Alternative Facts” or tours that reinforce stereotypes.

We are firmly against reinforcing ethnic, racial or religious stereotypes or one-dimensional representations of Little Havana and its residents. We describe the contributions of Central Americans and other non-Cubans to this neighborhood, too, as Little Havana can no longer be called a “Cuban neighborhood.” We do not perpetuate misunderstandings about Afro-Cuban religions like Santeria by sharing fictions presented as facts.

7. You prefer guides with a genuine connection to the places where they are guiding.

Ralph de la Portilla is a Miami-born Cuban-American and former actor. He is the co-founder of ¡Fuacata! parties organized at Little Havana’s famous Hoy Como Ayer venue beginning in 2001. These music parties brought Miami’s Afro-Latin fusion into the spotlight. They helped launch bands including DJ Spam and the Spam Allstars and PALO!, both of which have since earned Latin Grammy nominations. Corinna Moebius is the former director of Little Havana’s monthly arts and culture festival, Viernes Culturales (Cultural Fridays). She also co-founded the Little Havana Merchant Alliance and has served on several other local boards and key initiatives, like Live Healthy Little Havana and ¡Little Havana Me Importa!

8. A “stop, buy souvenirs and leave” experience is not for you. You want to meet locals.

We know lots and lots of people in Little Havana. You’ll notice it during the tours. The faces that light up, the people from all walks of life who know our names, the kisses on the cheek. And we’ll be introducing you to the most interesting folks along the way. We love this place!

9. You’d rather support a business owned by a Little Havana resident.

Little Havana Tours is an LLC owned and operated by Little Havana resident Corinna Moebius. It is not — like another Miami tour businesses — simply renting office space in Little Havana beginning in 2017. Moreover, Ralph and I patronize local mom & pop shops and other Little Havana businesses regularly. The money you spend on our tours is re-invested in the neighborhood.

Participants on a Little Havana tour enjoy Cuban-style ice cream afterwards.

10. You want to enjoy local food the way we locals do.

“Tasting tours” are a popular way to sample various kinds of local food. We offer several tastings during our tours, but tastings are not our FOCUS. Why?

  • First, we don’t want you to lose your appetite for a complete meal that brings flavors together. We want you to support our local independent restaurants and enjoy a meal at a leisurely pace. Then you can appreciate the relationship between dishes–like frijoles negros, arroz and maduros, and the relationship between food and conversation.
  • If you are visiting Little Havana, why not slow down? We don’t rush to finish a cigar or down a glass of rum. Yet food tours are on a strict schedule. You’ll always have to finish your “tasting” in time to get to the next stop.
  • Plus, you will spend at least half of your time at the tasting locations, and less time on a tour that gives you a deeper understanding of the neighborhood.
  • Why not drink your mojito while sitting in a rocking chair and practicing your Spanish with a local resident? Why not take your family to one of our eateries outside the main district, where you won’t be surrounded entirely by tourists? Why not dine here in the evening, when most tour buses have gone, and you can enjoy your meal while listening to live music?

For private tours, you can arrange to have a meal with one of us following the tour, as an add-on. After group tours, we may be available to dine with you or your group for an additional fee, but this needs to be negotiated after the tour, with payment in cash.

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