Getting To Little Havana By Public Transit

The Little Havana Connection - public transit in Little Havana.
The Little Havana Connection – public transit in Little Havana.

Take a city bus to or from Little Havana: save money, let the driver deal with Miami drivers, and take advantage of the free WiFi on every bus.

Transit Guides

Use the Miami-Dade County’s handy online guide to public transit or, for iPhone and Android, its new Tracker app! Find the cheapest way to get to and from MIA (Miami International Airport), as well as important information and tips for using MetroBus, MetroRail and MetroMover. Miami-Dade county buses are clean and (usually) on time.

Miami International Airport also has its own public transit guide.

Bus Fares

The usual bus fare in Miami is $2.25. Transfers are free (otherwise full fare) if you use a EASY Card or EASY Ticket only. The EASY Card is a durable plastic card; the EASY Ticket is a paper ticket that also is good for only 60 days. Although both the EASY Card and the EASY Ticket can be loaded with more value (up to $150), only the EASY Card allows you to change the type of fare product you load onto the card (such as a monthly pass, a weekly pass or a stored-value pass).

I recommend locals use EASY Cards and visitors use Easy Tickets. You can purchase both at:

  • ticket vending machines at all Metrorail stations.
  • authorized EASY Card sales outlets including Navarro Discount Pharmacies.
  • the Transit Service Center at the Government Center Metrorail station, Monday – Friday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., excluding U.S. holidays. 111 NW 1 St., Miami, 33130, 2nd Level.

A one-day pass is just $5.65! Learn more. If you are a senior citizen, you can get a discount fare, even if you don’t resident in Miami-Dade County (learn more). Locals — you might be eligible for reduced fares, too.

Trip Planning

To find the best route from a particular destination, use the Miami-Dade County’s Trip Planner or GoogleMaps:

View Little Havana in a larger map

See the links below for information about key bus routes going through Little Havana:

SW 7 St.: Rte. 207 (Little Havana Connection) (runs East to West)
SW 8 St.: Rte. 208 (Little Havana Connection) (runs West to East)
SW 8 St.: Rte. 8
SW/NW 12th Ave: Rte. 12
SW/NW 12th Ave: Rte. 17
SW 1 St.: Rte. 11
NW 7 St. (12 Ave. to 27 Ave.): Rte. 7

Getting to Little Havana from MIA (Miami International Airport)

Want to go straight from MIA to Calle Ocho? MetroBus 42 goes to and from MIA to SW 42nd Ave. and SW 8th St. From there you can transfer to bus 8 to locations across SW 8th St. (Calle Ocho).

You can go from bus 8 to bus 42 to return to the airport.

You can also take the new MetroRail Orange Line from the Government Center stop in downtown Miami (VERY close to Little Havana) to and from the airport. Read more.

Getting to Little Havana from Miami Beach

From Washington Ave., take Bus 120 (aka “Beach Max”) to the Wolfson Campus stop at Miami Dade College. Transfer to Route 8 or 8A bus South. It will take you to SW 7th St., which runs parallel to Calle Ocho (SW 8 St.). To get to the heart of the tourist district, get off near 15 Ave. and walk one block (left) to SW 8th St.

Or, from Washington Ave. take the Rte. 103/C bus southbound to the Downtown Miami bus terminal. From there, transfer to Bus 207 (aka “Little Havana Connection”), which runs west on SW 7th St. The main tourist area of Little Havana runs from around 11th Ave. through 17th Ave., so get off at any of these avenues (stops are frequent) and walk one block (south, or left) to get to Calle Ocho (SW 8th St.).

To return, simply board Bus 208 to the downtown terminal, transfer to the Rte. 103/C bus northbound and you’ll arrive back in Miami Beach.

Maximum round trip cost? $4.50. Use a EASY Ticket or Card and save even more.

More Info About Local Transit

Miami-Dade Department of Transit: The county department’s official website

TransitMiami: Miami’s award-winning blog on transit issues in our city and county.




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    please e-mail a Little Havana map in relation to downtown Miami Marriott/Biscayne Bay Marriott. I read that the Metro Mover goes to Little Havana. Do you know where we could pick that up in the downtown/Biscayne Bay areas? Thank you.

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